Latin@ New Media on the Rise

“Founded by some of the top Latino social media influencers in the US, Latino Rebels will use comedy, commentary, analysis, satire to explore the world of US Latino issues.”

-Latino Rebels facebook

In recent years New Media has been growing and with it has risen the visibility of Latino/a media.  One of the rising groups establishing its social media presence online is Latino Rebels. Self-identified “traviesos” Latino rebels are 20 media writers who have established a space for themselves on twitter, youtube, facebook and other media sites. With comedy and satire they publish news stories about anything from music to sports to politics. With Spanglish as their language of communication, Latino Rebels transmit news and also take its followers to their childhood and traditions with their “throw back” music posts and images.

News media like this is targeted towards the Latino/a audience in the US. Although there is existing media coverage in English or Spanish, groups like Latino Rebels are unique as they combine both cultures and produce less of a binary. It is” mixed” media that may be more attractive to those of us who grew up speaking Spanglish and listening to The Smiths while watching novelas.

Creating these kind of media is validating of a bi-cultural experience and a crucial statement as the second generation of Latin@ populations continue to grow. Many of the audience that falls under this category are high school and college age students. This age range is traditionally seen as having strong political power as they are the future of the economy and most are able to vote. Sharing important news stories to these groups becomes a vital source to create social consciousness.


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