Dulce Pinzon immortalizes everyday laborers

In 20 images, Mexican  photographer Dulce Pinzon  captures the courage and strength of Mexican immigrant laborers in New York. Pinzon wanted to honor to the hard working laborers who work in order to economically maintain their families whom still live in Mexico.

The idea for this project came after the attacks of 9/11 when “hero” became a widely used term. She felt that everyday laborers who sacrifice their lives for the needs of others are heroes in their own way, but because their jobs are not as highly regarded their work is devalued. “It is easy to take for granted the heroes who sacrifice immeasurable life and labor in their daily lives for the good of others but [who] do so in a somewhat less spectacular setting”, she says on her website.

With each image she provides a short description of the trabajador or trabajadora and some background information of their lives. Pinzon documents a variety of workers who take on roles in everything from window cleaning to fish markets. She also includes the amount of money they send home.

This project defies their socially regarded roles and creates a sense of empowerment for laborers across the country. Pinzon’s take on what a hero is, not only creates a social consciousness of those who are seen as invisible, but sheds light on a greater context regarding who is at the foundation of our economy.

Pinzon’s images are captivating and convey a humble reality. Thousands of immigrant workers are depended on for various physical tasks and are often unappreciated. There a negative connotation that comes with most of their jobs as construction workers or housekeepers because they do not require much education. These stereotypes are deconstructed in the images. In this project they are not just bodies, they are dignified people making their contributions to society.

Pinzon was born in Mexico City and studied Mass Media Communications in Puebla, Mexico.

All images above can be found on Dulce Pinzon’s website at: http://www.dulcepinzon.com/en_projects_superhero.htm


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