Chican@s y Latin@s and blogging

I first became interested in blogging after taking “Chicana/o Latino/a ┬áNew Media and Film” with professor Marez at UC San Diego. His class inspired me to not only explore Chican@ and Latin@ new media, but also to write about it. I wanted to learn, deconstruct and reconstruct media outlets for myself.

My first attempt at blogging began with Tumblr. After posting a few images and commentary on artists like Alma Lopez, I began to obtain followers. What first became a space to write about Chican@ media activism soon became, for me, a space to share images and commentary about my Chicana and Mexican culture with what was mostly other college-aged bloggers.

Tumblr soon became a community where I learned and received information about culture, politics, and media. It felt like an organic space to share information about everything from petitions to get Dreamers out of ICE arrest to Loteria art by different artists. Knowing this was a unique space that taught me the kind of knowledge that my university could not give me, I thought about how for many other Chican@/Latin@s, especially students, this site was used for critical expression and organizing around their identity as well as culture.

Although I am continuing to enhance my video and editing skills, my curiosity led me create a video uncovering the meaning of blogging and sites like Tumblr for Chican@s and Latin@s. Checka!