Ramiro Gomez pays homage to LA workers


The busy streets of Los Angeles are no strangers to waking up to the hustle and bustle of immigrant workers. Waiting for public buses or getting on freeways early in the morning to do labor in wealthy neighborhoods of Los Angeles, most of these workers are undocumented  and do work for low wages.

LA artist Ramiro Gomez honors these workers by uniquely depicting them in their every day routines. Ramirez paints cardboard sized human domestic workers and places them  where one would usually see them at work in areas like Beverly Hill and Santa Monica.

Gomez’s artwork is not only beautifully made, but would most definitely have anyone walking by have a double take. His pieces make a statement as the jobs of many house cleaners and gardeners are overlooked and under appreciated.

Check out the video above courtesy of Colorlines for more information on Gomez’s artwork.