About: La Onda


Que onda mundo?! My name is Jennifer Velez and I am a fifth year Communication y Ethnic Studies double major. I am from the colorful, busy streets of Los Angeles, California and am passionate about social media and social justice. My interests for media arose when I was young watching novelas, films and loving music. I began to develop myself as an activist in high school when I became a MEChistA and since then have continued organizing for social change at UC San Diego. Fusing these two passions, I am here to project the experiences and efforts that are not usually seen or understood.

This blog will share and analyze the work of several Latin@/Chican@s and their experiences as activists, artists and other roles. This blog idea was born out of the stigma that Latin@/Chican@ are only present in “exotified” or ”stereotypical” roles in the media. With the continuous flow of knowledge and conciousness, this blog will dismantle these “traditional” roles and use media as a critical, vital source for social change.  Visiones will add a unique perspective to the continuos struggle for the visibility and resistance of Chican@/Latin@s in the US.

This blog es bilingüe friendly.

For any questions feel free to contact me at velezjenn@gmail.com


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